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A Journal, of Sorts

By this time tomorrow, I will have gone through an entire day at work and interviewed for a position as a Paraeducator at a local high school. It's a bit of a long story. Suffice it to say September was a month of upheavals, and now I'm questioning where I am as well as where… Continue reading A Journal, of Sorts


I Can Never Start a Blog (What is a Spectredom?)

Just about a year ago, I was diagnosed with ADD so severe that my doctor looked me in the eye and asked, a little incredulous: "How did you make it through school?" I laughed and replied, "Sheer force of will?" This isn't hyperbole. Pre-Ritalin, I was an awful procrastinator. Even knowing about a paper or… Continue reading I Can Never Start a Blog (What is a Spectredom?)